Published 3 years ago in Hip-Hop
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The South London rapper may boast the most innocuous name in hip-hop, but Dave is proving to be a promising young name in the rap game. After scoring a Drake feature on the "Wanna Know Remix," Dave has been making waves both overseas and in North America. Today, he drops a video for "Revenge," a video game themed 8-bit banger. Proving himself with a solid flow and an abundance of clever punchlines, Dave gives himself ample room to lyrically flex. There's a clear sense of passion in his delivery, and at (soon-to-be) nineteen, he's already developed a devoted following.


They won't appreciate your ambition, nah
They'll just love everything that can come from it
You see risk, I run with it, you run from it
And that's the major difference
Even though I made money to try and make a difference
It never made me different
It's just funny that people love to say I'm distant
And cry about the way I move, sitting in the same position
You hold it there, I'll run up in your crack spot
And really press pause on the white like polar bears
Ricardo Quaresma, I got a load of flair
Still go to war over a rack like Tony Blair
You talk a lot
I'm from Streatham Vale, that's where iron hides in cars like Autobots
I got love from superstars in America, before I got love from guys I chilled with at the corner shop
And that's what bothers me
Like I was focusing on quality
Just waiting for my time to shine while you was online tryna kill them with quantity
Fake girls onto me
I put 3 on my TNs and some Rocky jeans
And now the girl's dying for a title like Apollo Creed
That's super long, I'll tell her that I'm moving on, honestly
I lose love for what I'm doing lots to find my passion lying in a drink like Rubicon
This is some movie shit
We just spank groupie chicks and give them red bottoms like I bought the girls Louboutins
If her boyfriend comes back tryna do his job
I'll give her baby wings like I went and drew Cupid
On God, I am not the one
I don't have a lot of time
Quick decline when your label doesn't offer right
And if your head of office isn't on my other line with Di María's wages
Then I wouldn't even bother trying
I ain't gotta sign deals on blind faith
Studying Braille's the last time I touched a dotted line
I'm 19 this year, I lost a lot of time
I'm on the 109, I really need to get a car
Bait face, sittin' on the tube
Like I went and got the Northern Line to uni in the morning for a seminar
You remind me of Boxing Day and January
Black Friday too, your sales are all regular
But still you're online, stuntin' with your chain
While you struggle to recoup what you made on your dead advance
I don't really need to sit down with a label
'Cause me and Jack are on our own island with Benny Scars
I remember when I rapped in school for the love
And my teachers never thought that it would get me far
I remember when they said I couldn't sing
And now Wanna Know has taken over cities like Genghis Khan
Success is sweet, but revenge is ours
I'm living on the edge like the house on the hills of L.A. where we stayed with our rented cars
Our friend's yard, so I thank them
But you can ask Jack Street, SG and Jimmy Napes if it's all luck or if there's method to my madness
You ain't got money on your mind like the Sam song
And me and you can't chill out, so why latch on?
It's like we never turned the ends into a jackpot
And had dots scattered round the side like a match box
It's like I never turned my room into a trap spot
And whip 40k with my piano, it's my crackpot
I got a crazy drive, I'm afraid to fail
And ask anyone when I was there in Maida Vale
I done over 100 takes to make sure I played it well
As for the love of the music and not the ends
I ain't lookin' for respect, I'm lookin' for revenge
I was spinnin' tracks, my Gs were fixin' cats
I used to think that I was chillin' with some vets
Content with your life on the block, you're a mess
No vision
(Final round)
You don't have the fucking ambition
And for me and my friends
The only thing I need is revenge
(Game over)

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